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Steve Gillman

Steve Gillman: Freelance Writer

Steve Gillman was born in 1964 in Bay City, Michigan.


A Short Biography

Good writing is concise and to the point, so I’ll be brief and include just enough about my life to show the range of experiences that helped me become a versatile writer. You can read through the qualifications I list on the homepage and click through to samples of my work in the side bar (or below if you are accessing this on your smart phone). I hope this page will give you an idea of who I am and whether I can handle your particular writing needs.

Yes, I wrote as a child, starting with poetry by the age of eight. But I was shy and rarely showed anyone what I had written. When I became interested in philosophy as a teen, I wrote as a way to think more clearly. At the age of sixteen I traveled across the United States alone, and at seventeen I hitchhiked to and through Mexico, starting from Michigan. For these travels and others I prepared a permission slip from my parents and had their signatures notarized so I could cross borders and not be mistaken for a runaway.

As a young man I lived alone in a cabin for a couple years, devouring all the books I could get my hands on, both fiction and non-fiction. I spent time in the wilderness and I sometimes cut firewood to make money. I’m primarily self-educated although I briefly attended a college in northern Michigan. I continued to write essays and stories through my 20s and 30s without ever trying to get published. I made a living from more than 70 different jobs, businesses and investments over the years.

While in Ecuador in 2001 to climb 20,600-foot Mount Chimborazo, I met the love of my life, Ana Blum. That fall we married, and we repeatedly traveled across the United States to see the country and to look for a new home town.  We lived for various periods of time in Montana, Arizona, Michigan, and now Florida. In 2004 we decided to start an online publishing business in order to have an income source that we could take with us wherever we went.

Suddenly I was a writer. I had to create thousands of pages for our websites, and more than a thousand articles to promote those sites. Soon I was writing e-books, producing newsletters, sales pages, email courses, and even a couple print books. Because of a website and e-zine I created about strange jobs and unique businesses Wiley and Sons Publishing in New York came to me to write 101 Weird Ways to Make Money in 2010, and the book was published the following year.

The many experiences I’ve had, including all the ways I’ve paid the bills over the years, and my wide range of interests, have enabled me to write comfortably on a variety of topics. My time as a carpet cleaner led to a website on how to remove carpet stains. My ultralight backpacking experiences made it natural to create a website and books about that hobby. My website on how to buy a cheap home came from our experience buying a beautiful house for $17,500 in a small mountain town in Montana. I have a website and newsletter based on a lifelong interest in the human mind. I’ve written about politics, inventions, economics, creativity, meditation, spirituality, polygraph testing, metaphors, investing, hiking, traveling, saving money — and the list goes on.

I read widely and research things online constantly. I enjoy writing. I’m efficient and organized (remember that notarized permission slip to travel at age sixteen?), so I find it easy to meet deadlines. I had the book done for Wiley in half of the time allowed. That’s Steve Gillman in under 700 words. Below you’ll find an email address you can use to reach me if you have questions or would like a price quote for any writing you need done.